About Us

CanadianInfoTech, established in early 2015 by a group of enthusiasts and highly qualified IT experts who got experience in the Canadian and international IT market.

Our Mission

To offer best possible solutions to Information Technology problems and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Our Vision

To become one of the top consulting companies that offers solutions for most technology related problems.

Our Goal

Draw a satisfaction smile at our customers face.

CIT GPS Tracking

Our Hardware & Software that will cover your requirements

CIT offers a wide range of GPS tracking solutions with its own hardware & customized software to achieve the efficiency, effectiveness of vehicle tracking system for managing your business fleet. Our device delivers real time information data of the location, vehicle status and loaded inventory of your vehicles to improve business performance. Our GPS devices are equipped with the necessary hardware to prevent vehicle theft situations and help in the recovery of such events. CIT Tracking system benefits your entire management team, including:-

  • Provide real time dashboards and reports
  • Multi language interface supporting Arabic, English, etc.
  • Monitoring vehicle status including fuel level, engine state and much more.
  • Different type of customized alerts configured for specific areas or conditions

Give us a call!, walk in, or send us an email. We will match your business needs with the right system hardware that we offer and customized software that will cover all your requirements with the best price you can get.

Software Brochure Hardware Brochure

Software Development

Covering the full aspect of software engineering

Cloud Computing

All our software are cloud ready on Microsoft Azure cloud services, to support large audience and provide the best quality of services for all our customers.

Microsoft & Android Mobil Development

Enableling smart devices to be integrated with modern software and extending the services of our cloud bases system to the mobile and tablet platforms using the latest dot net framework & C#.


Silver light and desktop applications

With our team capabilities extend to the desktop to provide off-line application that connects to the internet when needed, there will be no requirement that we can't cover.

Database Services

With our high experience with most of the common database systems, we are able to migrate data, design new databases, provide data services like normalizing and cleaning data and much more.

Smart Home Solutions

Moving your home to the future by connecting everything to you

Home Control at Your Fingertips.

A new innovation in house technology enabled for every one

  • Simplicity
    Smart home application for mobile and tab makes controlling your home so simple. It is just few touches and done.
  • Personalization
    With smart home solution you can go simple controlling one room or go big controlling your entire home.
Smart Home
Smart Home

Our Team Certificatinos

A selected list of accomplished certificates to show our sincere intentions to provide worldwide level service

  • (MCPD) Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (Web Developer)
  • (MCTS) Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • (MCSD) Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
  • (MCDBA) Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
  • (CCIE) Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
  • (CCNP) Cisco Certified Network Professional
  • (CCNA) Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • (MCSE) Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
  • (CCA) Citrix Certified Administrator
  • (NCIE) NetApp Certified SAN Implementation
  • (VCP) VMware Certified Professional
  • (CWNA) Certified Wireless Network Associate
  • Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems
  • (ITIL) Information Technology Infrastructure Library

CIT Team Certifications

Member of Microsoft BizSpark

Canadian Info Tech has become member of the Microsoft BizSpark program. This gives us technical and business support and access to all Microsoft development tool and make us release advanced, innovative IT solutions to the market.

Being part of such prestigious IT program where more than 60 000 members from all around the world are involved, will help Canadian Info Tech to strengthen its position to the international market and reach investors and partners for further enhancement and development.

Technology changes at light speed, and CIT is committed to provide the best technical team to its customers. Our technical and managerial staff are all highly certified with very well and internationally acknowledged certificates, the diversity of the certificates and the knowledge CIT staff got added to the accumulated expertise puts CIT ahead of any competitor in the market when it comes to technology

Software and Hardware Implementations

Hardware Implementations

Storage Systems Implementation

  • SAN, NAS or a hybrid system, we are experienced to design, configure and implement them to the best use for the application they are intended to serve.
  • Storage Clustering: Two or more storage units holding your data to eliminate single point of failure.
  • Storage replication: Have a copy of your data at a different site to protect them from local disasters.
  • Fiber channel Zoning: specific configuration needed for Storage units that transfer data over fiber channels, our team expert on that.
Software Implementations

Healthcare Systems implementations

  • Patients file management integrated with pharmacy dispensing and central record management software.
  • Networking and central storage deployment along with long term maintenance services can be offered to Health related industry.

More and more IT services

Some of the main IT services that our team can provide

Networking infrastructure

  • Infrastructure cabling – Plan, design and implement complicated network infrastructures
  • Networking equipment– Supply, design, configure and deploy.
  • Warranty- Offer extended warranty to all network related equipment.
  • Security and Network Access-Control – Implement solutions to secure every network endpoint.
  • Professional Network Management – Outsourcing network management.
  • Wireless Networks – Design and Implement wifi solutions from deferent vender (Cisco, UBNT, Mecrotik, Engenius ..etc).
  • Fiber-optic network design, implementation and test (FTTx, WDM,GPON,etc.)

Servers and Back end applications

  • Windows / Active Directory : Design, configure and implement Windows domain environment, implement proper security and applications policies, DNS, DHCP, File and Print services implementation
  • MS SQL Database: Deploy, design and configure databases with Disaster recovery solutions.
  • MS Exchange email server: Implement, configure servers and deploy data redundancy solutions to prevent data loss.
  • MS Sharepoint: Sharepoint is number one data collaboration solution, allow many users to update the status of single project and documents related.

Virtualization, Disaster Recovery and cloud based solutions

  • MS Hyper-V, VMWare, and Citrix Server Virtualization: these three names are the leaders in the virtualization industries and our staff are certified professionals in all.
  • b. High Availability and Disaster Recovery: High availability means zero downtime if hardware failed, Disaster recovery means your servers are copied continuously at 15 minutes intervals into a remote location.
  • Application and Desktop Virtualization: Unify desktop, prevent viruses and create a fresh desktop with every log on. Suitable for hospitals, universities, schools, banks. Where people share same hardware but need personal profile.
  • MS Azure: Azure is Microsoft cloud based solutions, run your servers at the cloud and you will be able to access them anywhere in the world.
  • Office 2013 cloud based: Office 2013 is one of the best solutions for organizations that are worried about their documents to be lost due to local disasters, disturbance and sudden political changes. Office 2013 ensures that your documents will follow you wherever your are

Security Cameras and Access Control Systems

  • Security Cameras, Weather it is indoors or outdoors, in city or out in the rural areas, we always have the solutions to best implement security cameras and transfer the data over different methods to make sure our customers premises are safe at all times.
  • Crash Gates and access doors: Design and implement Crash Gates along with revolving access door and proximity ID cards.
  • RFID Gates, You may use them to count items passing through gates, shops anti-theft solutions or to be used for allowing guests to enter an exhibition or even Hospital, we can deploy these systems each per customer requirements.

Hotels and Hospital IPTV

  • IPTV is an TCP/IP based solution that is integrated with buildings’ infrastructure without the need for a dedicated cabiling.
  • IPTV headend can provide many services and high management capabilities; guest welcome screen, interactive guest GUI, VoD (video on demand).
  • IPTV can provide HD/SD quality.

Low Current Systems

  • In all modern facilities and buildings, IP-based Low Current Systems are talking place and be integrated over same LAN infrastructure to save both cabling and labor cost.
  • IP-based Low Current System reduce maintenance cost and provide a centralized administration and monitoring.
  • IP-based Low Current Systems; Public Address, BMS, RMS, Access-Control, Time Attendance, Gate Barriers and Addressable Fire Alarm Panels with TCP/IP interface.

VoIP and office telecom solutions

  • Voice Over IP: VOIP today is organization's implement to cut cost on telecom communications. We design and configure a wide range of implementations based on organizations requirements.
  • Video Conference implementation: design and deploy high quality Video Conference systems

Annual Maintenance Contracts

We are ready to provide annual maintenance contracts to any IT related equipment. Our team are highly professional experts that thrive at challenges and willing to take the extra mile in order to offer the best service.

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